S. Rachel Nijakowski, OSF, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

S. Rachel Nijakowski, PhD, is the Sophia Center’s Founder and Executive Director. Through her training and expertise in psychological and psycho-educational testing, she has given many individuals the care and accommodations they need to confidently embrace their education and life path.


S. Sharon Pollnow, M.Ed., MSW

Licensed Independent Social Worker

S. Sharon Pollnow, M.Ed., MSW is a licensed independent social worker with a strong background in psychosocial evaluations and psychodynamic therapy, including cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety.


Leah Cavanaugh, MSW, LISW

Clinical Social Worker

Leah Cavanaugh, MSW, LISW is a clinical social worker specializing in childhood and adolescent behavioral health issues. Trained primarily as a cognitive behavioral therapist, Leah utilizes a short-term, goal-focused approach for treatment with individuals, families, and groups.


Dianne M. Nyitray-Kaericher, MSW, LISW

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Dianne M. Nyitray-Kaericher, MSW, LISW is a psychotherapist with more than 20 years of practice and additional training. Dianne focuses on mind/body interactions and their effect on an individual’s overall wellness.


Ildi Crawford, LISW, ICDC

Clinical Social Worker, Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor

Ildi Crawford is a clinical social worker and independent chemical dependency counselor with more than 20 years of experience helping people with depression, anxiety, panic disorders and eating disorders.


L. Joan Dvorak, B.Ed.

Specialist in Learning and Behavioral Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Memory Dysfunction

L. Joan Dvorak, B.Ed., is a specialist in Learning and Behavioral Disorders, ADHD and Memory Dysfunction. She is one of the Sophia Center’s educational testing experts and is honored to work with students and parents in the areas of diagnosing learning difficulties and tutoring.

Cyd Laurel, MA, PCC-S


Cyd Laurel is a professional clinical counselor who uses cognitive behavioral, play and physiological strategies to enhance coping and problem solving for individuals. Cyd focuses on children, adolescents and their families.


Bonnie Schrock, LSW

Licensed Social Worker, Psychometric Assistant

Bonnie Schrock is a licensed social worker and psychometric assistant. Her focus is on counseling adults who are faced with life issues, particularly grief and bereavement.


Anna Verhesen, MA CCBT, RAS, CSAT

Licensed HeartMath Provider, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Addiction Specialist

Anna Verhesen is a licensed Spiritual Healer and a Master Sound Therapy Teacher. She is certified in interactive imagery, which she integrates with sound therapy.


Barbara M. Duffey, CPA


Barbara M. Duffey, CPA serves as the Sophia Center’s Controller. As part of the organization’s support team, Barbara prepares financial reports and analytical information for the Center’s leadership.